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New World Ballet

New World Ballet is a young energetic dance company in Santa Rosa, California who is dedicated to providing serious and enriched dance education for students who desire to become professional dancers, as well as those who simply wish to enhance their quality of life through dance. As a growing company, New World Ballet offers an innovative program of classical and contemporary ballet as well as hip hop classes and performances to the local Sonoma County area and beyond. 

What We Offer


A full line-up of classes are offered for adults and children by level of experience.


Classes are offered in contemporary dance for students wishing to master the art of performance.

Hip Hop & Movement

Fun and dynamic Hip Hop and movement classes offered for all age and skill levels.

Toddlers & Children

Starting as young as 3, your child can experience creativity in movement and dance.

What We Offer

Dance can give children a sense of pride and accomplishment, whether they just completed a performance, or they finally master a step they have been working on, the emotional benefits of dance education are priceless.

Victor Temple, Artistic Director

-Past associations with Dance Theater of Harlem, American Repertory Ballet, Oakland Ballet, Shanghai Ballet, and New Jersey Ballet. 

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